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Pittsburgh Solutions is a premier eBusiness Strategic Management Consulting firm which provides our clients with a value proposition that includes superior services and highly successful results. This recognition has been achieved through utilizing experienced professional consultants, proven methodologies, industry standard techniques, and a proven service offering framework. In addition, Pittsburgh Solutions has taken the initiative to establish a finite set of focused service offerings around eBusiness. This focus has provided the ability to become experts in eBusiness instead of generalists, which often occurs in large consulting firms.
Service Offerings:

eVision and eStrategy

Our eVision and eStrategy service offering provides a proven framework that takes our clients through a step-by-step process of developing a complete eBusiness solution. This process begins by developing a common vision that aligns both business and technical aspects that is needed for conducting all facets of business over the web. Once the vision has been developed, a series of detailed planning sessions takes the enterprise through a step-by-step process that will define the business, technical, and marketing strategies. In addition, a common focus is established on achieving a predetermined set of desired goals and objectives and a detailed case for action is created to define critical goals and objectives and potential business benefits for the enterprise. We use a five-step process for this service.

During the discovery stage a thorough analysis of the current architectures, strategies, priorities, and progress is compiled and viewed creatively. This phase takes current strategies and reviews best practice models, industry trends, and competitive advantage opportunities to determine approaches and market leadership that can sustain longevity.

In this phase, Pittsburgh Solutions' industry-specific, process-framework is used to develop the benchmark to follow in the new Digital Economy. Whether you are a "dot-com" or a "brick and mortar" organization, this framework expedites this phase. This baseline stage takes enterprise and standard industry key performance measures and develops a balanced scorecard. Once the scorecard is established, a current baseline score is determined and a targeted score is generated.

The envision stage takes all the benchmarks, corporate strategies, and industry trends and aligns them to produce a vision and mission statement that the entire enterprise can focus on and rally behind and prepares a business case for action under the constraints of "Internet time".

The "strategize" stage takes the vision and develops a business, technical and marketing strategy that creates a detailed roadmap of the work that needs to be accomplished. In this phase, an Internet eBusiness marketing plan is developed. In addition, this plan is integrated with the "brick and mortar" marketing plan to produce one cohesive plan.

The transformation stage takes the vision and identifies potential organizational change impacts to the enterprise and develops a plan to address these impacts. Once this is complete, we define each project in detail and develop detailed plans that are then reviewed and prioritized to achieve maximum results.

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