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Our Mission
Pittsburgh Solutions is a Research and Advisory, Management Consultancy that specializes in solving client’s eBusiness problems by using the correct blend of business process redesign, organizational change and technology.

To build long-term relationships with its clients, Pittsburgh Solutions provides a balance of understanding the business and how technology can be applied to provide competitive advantages. This goal is achieved by utilizing seasoned consultants, proven techniques and through its own framework of eBusiness industry-based best practice solutions, templates and models.

Pittsburgh Solutions is the premier provider of eBusiness Solutions in the Pittsburgh marketplace. Pittsburgh Solutions is dedicated to building long-term relationships with its clients through providing high-quality business consulting, technical consulting and organization change consulting at an affordable price. It is recognized as the leading eBusiness management consulting firm in the Greater Pittsburgh area today.

Our Heritage
Recognizing a need for eBusiness management consulting in the Pittsburgh area, Pittsburgh Solutions was formulated in 1999 by a number of key, well-known management consultants in the industry. The firm is dedicated to meeting the eBusiness needs of companies that aspire to become market leaders using the Internet. Our consultants have both technical and business industry experience. In order to create superior value, we provide an innovative, low-risk, and high quality approach to eBusiness solutions. This approach is based on Pittsburgh Solutions’ philosophy of following the key success factors listed below:

• Partner with clients to meet their business and technology challenges

• Share risk and rewards with our clients

• Provide exceptional and timely delivery capabilities

•Optimize work economies through using proven methodologies

• Provide cost-effectiveness through efficient reuse of eBusiness solution sets and approaches.

Key Differentiators
Pittsburgh Solutions has some unique characteristics among the many hundred start-up firms, as well as many long-standing "brick and mortar" firms in the consulting industry. The key differentiators are as follows:

We know how to make money for our clients
Unlike many of our competitors, Pittsburgh Solutions has been a profitable organization since its first day of inception. We follow and apply the same business disciplines, principles and techniques for our clients. Our success is based on our client's success on the Internet. Do you want to build your Internet vision and strategy on a firm that is losing money? If a consulting firm cannot be profitable, how would they know how to make their clients profitable?

Laser sharp focus in the eBusiness Arena
Pittsburgh Solutions defines eBusiness as any net-enabled business activity that transforms internal and external relationships to create value and exploit market opportunities driven by new rules of the Internet economy. Pittsburgh Solutions is focused in one and only one area, eBusiness. We are not distracted by multiple and internal-competing consulting practices.

Seasoned and Experienced People
Pittsburgh Solutions hires seasoned consultants with significant experience in all areas of e-Business. In addition, Pittsburgh Solutions uses an inverted pyramid model that utilizes experienced consultants to perform project work for the client while being assisted by a very few junior staff members or administrative staff.

This model is very different from the large consulting firm model where most work is performed by an inexperienced team who are managed by a few seasoned consultants. Clients have consistently complained that the large consulting firms model compromises the quality of results from projects.

Balance of Business and Technical Expertise
In order to provide premier management consulting, it is essential to balance an understanding of the business and how technology can be applied to provide competitive advantages. This includes an understanding of business processes, organizational change, workflow, and how systems and technology can be applied. Our consultants have both technical consulting and hands-on business experience to offer clients solutions that will actually work.